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Alltrans Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement for Alltrans Customers

The data provided by (potential) customers to Alltrans in the context of translation requests shall always be processed in a confidential manner and shall only be communicated to third parties if this proves necessary to comply with the customer's request. The data are not kept any longer than necessary to deal with the request, to contact the customer for matters relating to administration or to comply with future translation requests, if any. The customer has the right to have the data updated or deleted at all times.

Privacy Statement for Visitors of Alltrans.be

This privacy statement applies to all visitors of the www.alltrans.be website.

1. Management
The www.alltrans.be website is managed by WieTranslate bvba. The contact details for this company can be found on the website. Alltrans is the commercial name of WieTranslate bvba.

2. Visitor Data
2a Some data originating from one or more visits to www.alltrans.be are stored permanently but remain anonymous. The data can consequently never be traced back to an individual or organisation.
2b Alltrans safeguards the security of any data stored. Alltrans can use the data provided by the customer for the following purposes, among others:
2c Sending one or more e-mails such as, but not limited to, an e-mail containing login data.
2d (Occasionally) drawing the customer's attention to a product, tips & tricks etc. which, acoording to Alltrans, may contribute to a more efficient use of the website by the visitor.

3. Cookies
3a Alltrans uses cookies to optimize the features of certain pages on the website. Cookies are small text files placed on the visitor's computer by a website page. Such cookies store information such as certain visitor preferences, so that alltrans.be can provide even better services to customers during their next visit to the website.
3b Visitors can determine themselves how to deal with cookies. They can adjust their browser settings in order to allow the use of cookies, not allow it at all, or partially allow it. In this last case users can select which websites can place cookies. For all other websites the placing of cookies is thus prohibited. This possibility is offered by the most frequently used up-to-date browsers.
3c Cookies can always be removed from a computer using the browser.

4. Questions
Visitors can always contact Alltrans for any questions about this website. The contact details can be found on the website mentioned in paragraph 1 of this privacy statement.

5. Disclaimer
Alltrans is entitled to modify the contents of this privacy statement without informing visitors. Adapting the statement on the website shall be considered as sufficient.