Full-service translation agency since 1969

About Alltrans

Alltrans has been active in translation and interpretation since 1969. Both companies and private individuals can benefit from our translation and interpreting service offer in the most diverse language combinations, sworn and legalised if necessary.

Our services

  • translations from and into the most diverse languages
  • sworn and legalised translations
  • interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, liaison interpreting, whispering (chuchotage)
  • rental of technical equipment for interpretation assignments, including in-depth advice
  • proofreading and re-writing of texts
  • language consulting
The cost of all our services is calculated based on several factors, including language combinations and the technicality of the assignment.
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Our languages
We have extensive experience with the most frequently requested languages: Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Scandinavian languages, Russian, Ukranian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Albanese, Turkish, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and the major Indian languages. For more "exotic" languages we can give you an indication of the cost. Should you require a quotation, please contact us and send us a copy of the text for translation.

Our assets
  • clarity on costs and deadlines
  • an extensive range of languages
  • personal service
  • direct communication with you as a customer: your input helps Alltrans deliver quality translations!
Alltrans was founded by Mr Bob Legrève in 1969. At the time, he was one of the first to hold a specialist degree in translation/interpretation, and to decide to start working as a fulltime freelancer. He continued to develop his activities together with his wife Jerrissa, who graduated from the HIVT translation/interpretation school in Antwerp just like Bob, but with French as her A language. Alltrans has built up a solid reputation as a reliable partner both at national and international level. Customers as well as freelance colleagues appreciate our professional approach to this demanding but fascinating profession.

In 2015 Alltrans was taken over by Eva Wiertz, the current manager. She also trained as a translator and interpreter, and prior to taking over the helm she had been active as a freelancer (both on the private market and for the European institutions) for several years. To you as a customer, Alltrans can therefore offer years of experience as well as young energy.