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Contact Information

For all your questions about translation and interpreting you can always contact us using the phone numbers and e-mail address below.

If you require a quotation for a translation, please e-mail us the document, preferably in a Word file so that we get an idea of the quantity of text. We also accept PDF, PPT, Excel, ... files. If you have to scan a document, make sure it is clearly readable, especially if the document is handwritten. To receive a reply as soon as possible, it is best to also specify the following elements in your message:

  • From which language into which language does the document have to be translated?
  • What is the (preferred and/or latest) deadline?
  • Is it a sworn translation?
  • Is it a legalised translation?
  • Do you have terminology or sources our translators have to use?
For urgent translations: give us a call after e-mailing the document. This will enable us to respond more rapidly and efficiently.

If the text for translation was not drawn up in the Latin alphabet (but e.g. in Arabic, Russian, …) you also have to provide an official transliteration of proper names and names of places in the Latin alphabet, based on an official document.

Address and contact info:

Eva Wiertz

Eva Wiertz & Céline Maes

Krokegemseweg 3, B-1730 Asse

Phone: +32 (0)2 310 78 67

Mob.: +32 (0)477 73 87 47

E-mail: info(at)alltrans.be