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Our freelancers

Alltrans can count on an extensive network of reliable freelance colleagues, who are all translators and/or interpreters holding a specialist degree. Most of them have attended expert training abroad or have specialised in a specific domain (legal, financial, medical, ...) thanks to their experience in translation.

In principle our freelancers show great flexibility when accepting assignments. Alltrans will make sure to assign the best freelancer for the job, but theoretically possible does not always mean "at all times" and "immediately". That is why it is important for you to always clearly indicate the deadline for a translation – this will enable us to tell you straight away whether it is realistic or not.

All our freelancers respect the rules of professional ethics and show the utmost care when working with confidential documents. Moreover, Alltrans has always respected the requirements of privacy legislation.

Alltrans has access to an extensive dedicated library and our freelancers are masters in terminology and research. In addition, we count on the cooperation of our customers, specialists in their domain by definition, to assist our translators in case they have questions relating to terminology or contents. This exchange with you as a customer makes Alltrans an ever better translation partner!